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June 12, 2010



And when you have read this Scrum piece you can put this Scrum Cheat Sheet on your wall to remember:


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I think scrum has it right if they just keep at it and don't get too complicated and out of the ordinary.



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Good at planning, good at time management.*


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Hello from Good Registry Cleaner. Just wanted to thank you for letting us know about this class. How do i go about finding out where any other Scrum classes will be held and where?

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I can't speak to an entire scrum process, but we've seen real success from stand-ups. A quick little meeting is worth the minor cost when it gets everyone on the team in sync. Standing up makes the meeting shorter.

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The team as a whole is the central player in the Scrum process. Each person contributes in whichever way they can to complete the work of each sprint.

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