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December 07, 2008


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tis true... i still cannot believe how big twitter has gotten over the past few months. i mean, whoever would have thought it would reach a pr-9 on google?

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This is quite true twitting is more important than SEO these days,

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Social Networks like face book and Twitter are common , People have used the idea of "social network" loosely for over a century to connote complex sets of relationships between members of social systems at all scales, from interpersonal to international.

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Twitter is so simple, it’s confusing to most. It takes some regular use to “get it”.. but, once you do, it is an extremely powerful business tool as well as good clean fun.
Larry, I respectfully disagree on one point. You said “twitter has evolved”. In my opinion.. it’s not twitter which has evolved, it is the users who are coming to realize the power of twitter’s simplicity.
I’m an avid user of twitter and, of course I follow Larry. :-) I can be found on twitter at my twitter page.
A favorite twitter ap that I use for tweeting websites I find is Big Tweet, a simple, powerful bookmarklet which makes tweeting any page you are on a snap. Check them out.

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Advertising is already everywhere. Why should it be at Twitter now? I spend a great deal of time on Twitter and I don't want it to be filled with some brands advertising!

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People are nowadays market their product brands on twitter. I think they found this way better for their good marketing and sales.

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Twitter has become a tool for online marketing. The internet is a very powerful element when starting a business.

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