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January 09, 2008


David Berkowitz

Great roundup, Nitin. I agree that search technology has a long way to improve, though from some demos I've tried in Powerset labs, I'm not yet convinced they're the answer. They're still demos though, so I'm eager to see what they do.

Irvin Owens Jr

This may horribly pessimistic, but I don't think its in Google's best interest to provide accurate search results. Think of the lost advertising revenue if Google only returned only one perfect result. It would pretty much destroy Google's adwords program.

I think that as long as pageviews are tied to revenue, Google will make sure you click through at least 3 pages before you get to your best result. That applies to all ad driven search applications.

They are trying to build up their affiliate advertising business so that they can get out of this trap.

They can process 20 petabytes a day, plus they have millions of points of data governing user behavior. They have enough data to take a random sampling representative of the whole over time. I can't believe they can't figure out what I want. I think its a revenue model, not a technical issue.

Mary Stanton

Nice article / debate. Will be interesting to see how things progress.


I went to Powerset's offices last week for a video interview with Founder Lorenzo Thione

Lorenzo Thione


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