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December 21, 2006



Great piece...

Another idea I will add here is the idea of engagement marketing and emergence of newer and more discriminating ways for businesses to discuss products with customers.

John T. Maloney

Re: Wikinomics (or The Wisdom of Crowds)

There exists a thriving, open prediction market consortium. See:


Members are groking PMs and moving them mainstream.


Ashish Mohta

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Scott Abel

This is an excellent round-up of some of the "disruptive" technologies. I'd like to add to the mix the "hosted" software solutions. While they've been around for a while now, recent entries from Google )Docs and Spreadsheets, JotSpot) and others from both small and large software makers alike, point to a change in the way we work. Not only do these tools need to exist (and be designed with the user in mind), but users will have to adopt new skills as they learn to collaborate online.

Scott Abel

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There exists a thriving, open prediction market consortium. See:

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I've used Blogger and am trying TypePad. I can't seem to design it the way I want. Am I missing something?
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