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December 03, 2006



Nice to know that there are people who make searching even more easy. Sometimes when I make searches to internet it takes couple of minutes or hours to get the right information. Hope searching data is not that complicated

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Chris the Medical Instrument Sales Guy

The key to a health search engine is the "trusted" consumer health information. There are so many alternatives to solve a common medical problem (some good and some of the solutions or just plain fraud) that consumers have a difficult time identifying a legitimate solution to what may be a simple medical issue.

This problem is compounded by the fact that some of the solutions offered may harm the consumer or even cause adverse side affects that are difficult to trace.

I am glad to see that Healia has stepped up to the plate and have drawn a line in the sand as to what reliable quality health content is.

Even though I am in the Medical Instrument Sales business and surrounded by medical professionals you won over my medical search traffic!

Keep up the good work Healia!

Gavin | SEO Training

Interesting read, how things have changed 4 years later...

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Consumers are increasingly responsible for health-related decisions and are relying more than ever on the Web for health information. This is actually my first time to hear of a "health" care search engine. Aside from this feature visitors can have trusted consumer health information and personal support.
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Thanks for the post! I wonder what search engine you use to find the desired film? I use rapidshare SE ( http://www.filecatch.com/trends/au/31-09-2010.html ), and you?


It's useless to remember dozens of torrent shares and then visit them all to find the desired torrent file, it's much easier to use http://www.torrentbasket.com/dd-doctors-shyla torrents search engine for that purpose.

Local Internet Marketing

As a big supporter of "self diagnosis" I find getting medical information before a dr's visit critical to understanding what it is they are talking about. At least if I can narrow down my symptoms to a few "key" causes I dont feel like the dr is talking over my head.

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ooh this is exciting! I am going to submit... :) Good luck to all the applicants, I can't wait to see who is chosen!

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Blessed Herbs

I love the concept of Healia. It makes searching more convenient especially health related issues. Health information becomes more accessible and easy to understand. With healia reaching the global users, it can make our lives easier, like we can deal with a lot of illnesses at our own efforts and knowledge coming from Healia.

Thanks to the person who thought of making this search engine. All the best!

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Through Vertical Search Engine your results come back focused on the target market being searched. A good way to target your ads more effectively to your potential visitors and reach them more quickly!

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The context is good,I saw many people agree with you.me,too.I recently blogged about the prevalence of "as-seen-on-TV" brand conventions in the medical device industry, which strikes a discordant note in that environment. and now can you link my name to see my website,thanks.

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